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Burton Lux

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Burton Lux Reviews

- Lauren B:

I learned how to snowboard on this board, and it was great for that. It also holds up pretty decently, as I rode it for 2 seasons and beat the crap out of it =) It's pretty stiff for me, but I was riding it a little big, so if you get your perfect size, it would probably have just enough flex. Great for bombing trails and going super fast!!

- sierracrew:

The Burton Lux combines a forgiving flex with a twin shape. With this combination comes a board that can be ridden in both directions equally well while still turning quickly at lower speeds. I recommend the Burton Lux to women who are honing their skills on the mountain and see themselves learning some freestyle skills and venture into the terrain park.

- laughingchic01: 5'5'', 137 lb, 149 cm snowboard,

I've recently bought this board and a couple weeks ago and I'm in love with it!!!!!!!!! I have wakeboarded all summer and I have tried some camber boards, but I couldn't handle the board as much. To me I find this board very responsive to your movements. I'm a beginner using this board and I think it is overall a great board. On the burtons site it says its kinda of an all around board. People compliment me on the design as well.

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Burton Lux V Rocker Snowboard $125.00
Burton Lux Board With Bindings $220.00