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Burton Stigma Reviews

- minttty89: 5'8, 170 lb, 155 cm snowboard,

I love this board. My first board left me feeling discouraged and frustrated. It was too stiff. I got this as a present. First time I rode it was liberating to say the least. I put so much effort into my other board, and got no results. With the Stigma I felt like I took off the chains.

- olgaolga: 5'6, 150 lb, 148 cm snowboard,

Love this board! I learned to ride on this board, and it was very forgiving. It has good flex and rides smooth. Also rides well in chop and powder. this board can be a little bit slow when you actually learn to ride, but overall I don't think I should be going faster than i already do... The graphics are awesome, and the fact that this board is dark makes it easily visible against the snow (for all of you who like to put your board down in the snow and forget where it is). I would recommend this board to anyone learning to ride, because it's much better than the rentals. I've hit stuff, went over questionable terrain, dropped this board, but it's still looking good with a few minor scratches

- Brittaek:

I'm a pretty experienced rider and this board was slow. No matter how I waxed it, or B-lined it, I was always behind my friends. Looks cool but handles sluggish. Good on boxes but not very sturdy for jumps.

- miss_bib: 5'5, 120 lb, 148 cm snowboard,

This is my first board ever and I love it. This is my first season boarding and I went snowboarding about four times before I bought this board and took it for a ride so I'm not that experienced and can only compare it to the rentals I've used. For a beginner, I was able to ride this board pretty well and was able to (finally) do cohesive and smooth S's the first time. I'm 5'4 and 120 lbs and got the 148cm. Graphics on it are pretty nice, too - I even got a compliment even though it was half covered in snow.

- steddy23:

The Burton Stigma is my favorite board out of the 3 boards that i ride. It is a very smooth ride and is amazing in the park. I recommend this board to anyone who is not new to the park and is looking to step there game up.

- julkydean: 5'4, 140 lb, 151 cm snowboard,

This was my very first snowboard, and I must say its being nothing but good to me. It was very forgiving, a huge improvement from the rentals I used to use. It is pretty well made and very resistant. Im very clumsy and I can't tell you how many times a banged this board and still looks pretty good. The graphics are very cool. The only down fall to me was the fact that this board was a little slow for my liking.

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