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K2 Luna Reviews

- Jillian Toussaint: 20, 5' 6", 115 lb, 151 cm snowboard, 2 years riding.

This board kicks some major booty. The flex is awesome and I don't think it would ever snap, and it's edges are wicked sharp and if you're an advanced rider (I ride everyday) i would definatly reccomend this board. You'll actually carve, not slide, and it's super light and can catch mad air. It's only bad point, so far, I've only used it a few times, is that you HAVE to know how to carve, because the back edge will take you and you gotta know how to control it. I would definatly recomend this for intermediate or advanced riders, just because it's super light, super fast, and has great control. I don't think it would require waxing too often either. It also has some weird core, which is really a lot better than the standard wood core. I think it's tri-fiber something, if you're interested, look it up on the k2 website or go ask your dealer. I would reate this board a 9/10, lacking the final point, just because it's almost TOO fast..but that's just my opinion, if you like going big all the time, this is your board (just for you girls out there)

- Renee: 19, 5' 3", 125 lb, 147 cm snowboard, 3 years riding.

This board is an okay board overall, although it does have it's flaws. The board has a lot of flex, perhaps too much which makes it kind of "sloppy". It turns well although it requires more effort than a lot of other boards need to turn. Its not because of the edges being dull or anything, because i always make sure they are sharp enough. Its just that the boards edge cut is pretty crappy. Especially in icy conditions were i never had a problem with better boards,I push extra hard to dig the edge in but sometimes it just slips out from underneath me which sux. If these happens then its kinda bad when switching edges really fast. Although I do admit the board is lighter than others, and narrower. But I wouldn't suggest this board to someone. Even though its not the best, it isnt horrible either.

- Kirsty: 35, 5' 4", 120 lb, 151 cm snowboard, 4 years riding.

After riding an old, very stiff board for a few seasons, the Luna is bliss! Good flex, great carves (helped by a set of Salomon SP5's) and responsive turns - holds an edge really well even though it's a light, fairly springy board. The only downside is that it does "flap" slightly and isn't totally stable at speed. But hey, it's great in powder so who cares?!

- Caitlin: 21, 5' 7", 120 lb, 151 cm snowboard, 2 years riding.

This board is awesome. It's pretty good for carving, but this being only my second year riding, the edges are wicked sharp and take me under a lot. The laminated topsheet got a chunk missing out of it on the first day, but I guess that should be expected. The flex is great for the pipe too, it's really an ALL MOUNTAIN board. It works great everywhere. The size is perfect and it's relatively light. The only thing which I'm having trouble getting used to are the bindings, which are the Clicker HB's. Tough to click in if it's deep snow, it's gets all icy. Other than that, the board is great.

- ChickInCanada: 36, 5'8", 148 lb, 155 cm snowboard, 4 years riding.

I picked up snowboarding a wee bit later in life, at 32. Luna has been my best friend on the slopes for the last 4 years. It's seen me through the beginning to the point where I could probably get into a more advanced board. But I still love my Luna, it's very forgiving and versatile. The graphics have gotten really boring of late though, I see. I would say that if you're just starting out in the sport, this board will see you through til you're mastering everything else on the mountain. I'm still very happy with mine!

- Emily Wallace: 24, 5' 9", 133 lb, 152 cm snowboard, 5 years riding.

The k2 luna was my first women's specific board. It is a great board. I spent many a utah powder days on this board, while it is not the most ideal powder board, it can be used. I spent many days in the park, learned rails on this as well. You can get going really fast on it and it has good pop as well. My sister now is the owner of this board and she loves it. It is responsive and will treat you well.

- MAC:

This board was my first board, and I still love it. It's worked well for me through many different conditions, and though I don't have experience with a lot of boards to compare it with, I don't have any complaints either!

- lovesnow_tkw: 5' 4", 128 lb, 151 cm snowboard,

the board is good for nothing too intense.
it does pretty well with speed and has enough pop to take notice,
though if your looking for a park board, i dont reccomend it.
i'm about 5'4, 128 lbs. and i have a 151, which is a little big, but more powerful, but i would def. go a size smaller.
decent board, but i'm not 100% sold

- barubin:

This was the first board I ever owned (it was a bar mitzvah present). This is a decent first board and it was replaced after 3 years because I outgrew it. It functioned properly all the time and never had any problems. It had good all-around functionality.

This is completely minor and possibly dismissible: the top surface of the board didn't stand up very nicely to firm snow; it would become scratched easily. This is strictly cosmetic and did not affect the board's performance at all.

- Bri: 5' 6", 140 lb, 150 cm snowboard, 10 years riding.

I've had my Luna for 7 years now and its finally shot. But I rode 100+ days on it this year and shredded park for 80+ of them. It was the edges that went the rest is fully intact
I bought this board knowing nothing about snowboarding but it has been awesome all the way through. I've won boarder-x races on it and a pondskim! I would highly recomend it for someone who is just starting out but has the intention of growing into a better rider.
When I shop for my next board I think I will look for somehthing with a little more pop to it but overall this board has been a dream and certainly has grown with me as a rider. Its solid and fun.

- Lauren: 147 cm snowboard, 17 years riding.

I've had a quite few boards over the years and I still get use of my K2 Luna which I have had for about 8 or 9 years. This is a great lightweight all terrain board, and definitely a great transitional board- even for gapers. If you are just starting out, it is really easy to catch an edge, but a good tool to learn how to carve as it has great balance for haing such a lightweight core. This has always been one of my favorite boards for half pipes and spring skiing.

I saw a couple posts about the edges wearing on this board- I have my boards sharpened about 1-2x per season. With regular waxings and care, my Luna still looks almost new- even after hundreds of hours on it, including park time. This board is extremely durable with proper care.

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