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K2 Mix Reviews

- Amber Schuecker: 28, 5' 3", 125 lb, 155 cm snowboard, 7 years riding.

Fantastic board to do anything on. I bought it for freeriding and it has been the best board i have ridden. It is stable at dropping rocks, flaots in powder, carves like a dream and is also fun to jib on. The only thing ill say is, it isnt as stiff as i would have liked for a free ride board. I have also bought the 147cm to ride park with as it is a strong well made board that can withstand the punishment from hitting rails all day long.

- Suzie K: 20, 5' 5", 110 lb, 151 cm snowboard, 5 years riding.

This is the first snowboard that i have bought and i am very impressed with it. This board can handle anything, i take it through the park, the trees, the pow. Its is also a great board for freeriding, the hyper progressive side cut makes turns effortless and gives you stability at speed. It is a good board to ride park and do jibs but it is on the stiff side so i find it hard to do butters. I have had this board for two seasons and it has allowed me to progress so much. If you are looking for an all around great board buy this one, you'll be glad you did!

- k2mix721: 20, 5' 4", 110 lb, 148 cm snowboard, 3 years riding.

I really like this board. I've been riding for 9 years now and this is most def my favorite. VERY responsive and quick. But as everyone else is saying I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner. If you're an intermediate to advanced rider this is the board for you. Also, I've always rode K2 and I've got to give it up for them because they make their products to last and they give you a great ride. Happy shreddin!

- Emily Wallace: 24, 5' 9", 133 lb, 152 cm snowboard, 5 years riding.

This board is an aggressive board. This is not for the person just starting to snowboard. intermediate to advanced is where I would put this at, It is stiffer and has amazing pop to it. It is very fast and responsive. I did not get to try it out in the pipe, but i am sure if Gretchen could silver with this it has to kick ass in the pipe!

- SharonEcha:

This board is definitely aggressive - hard charging and fast as
described. I felt the difference from my first run on the board. It's
got a stiff flex, but great pop, so it's great all mountain and also
in the park (more for the jumps than for jibbing/rails). The sidecut
makes it super responsive and so easy to turn, but make sure have a
good handle of carving and turning in speed since it GUNS IT down the
mountain. V. Stable at high speeds, stable for landing the bigger
jumps if you're into it. The name says it all - handles a good mix of
things - from freeriding and your park needs. Keep in mind that if
you're a jibber - you may want a softer flex board... this board is
pretty stiff.

The graphics on the '09 board are badass - I've received so many
comments from strangers on how awesome it looks. Lots of style, lots
of substance.

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