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Nidecker Princess

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Nidecker Princess Reviews

- MZ:

I just rode my new Princess after riding an Option Bella for 4 years. The first thing I noticed is that I am able to dig in pretty hard so my turns are much more solid. The next thing I noticed is that while traversing, my board didn't want to skip downward! It stayed tried and true and I didn't have to dip in where I didn't want to. Finally, a board that won't slip out from underneath me.

- rdubachreg2008189:

My wife and I have ridden Nideckers for 10 years and used to love them. My wife rides a princess and I rode a legend. The rail of my legend separated from the core of the board after only riding it 12 times. Coincidentally I had a tiny wax scratch (the kind you get from running over a small stone) directly by the damage, which Nidecker said voided the warranty. Worthless product if the manufacturer doesn't stand by it's quality.

Expensive boards, poor customer service, faulty product. I wouldn't buy it again.

- treecamp:

I really like how this board held up on hard pack. It kept an edge and gave a solid impression of carving. It is also pretty quick and never let up on speed on the straight. I highly recommend it.

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