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I am 5'4 with a size 5 boot and I'm 115lbs. I ride pretty much anywhere and hit the trees as well as the groomers and rails. This board has great response and could handle most anything that I put it through. Please understand that most boards are not made for women and this one I feel worked with me rather than against me and my size (I was on the 147). If you want to rip it up and don't want to pay a ton, try this ride out for a bit, it treated me well and hopefully you will enjoy the same.

- Krista:

I am currently on my second fever (don't worry the old one didn't break I just wanted a new one) and I am always pleased to see at AASI events that the Ride Fever is more common than all the other board companies combined. In my last exam all but one girl in the group was on the Fever. Its should be comforting for all of you to know that Professional Instructors prefer it to all other boards!!!

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RIDE Fever GRNappletree Women's Snowboard 150cm GRN apple tree SNOW! ❅ 🏂 $112.00
Ride Fever Series Snowboard 147cm With Burton Cartel Bindings New Sweet Board $307.00