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Ride Solace Reviews

- Amanda Bron: 23, 5' 6", 140 lb, 146 cm snowboard, 2 years riding.

This is my first board that wasn't a hand-me down or a loaner and it's awesome. I'm a beginner and this was my first serious season and the Ride Solace is an ideal board. It has a nice, forgiving flex, it's easy to learn turns on and it gives you a lot of control on any kind of conditions. It's pretty lightweight too. And the nice thing is that even though it'a a beginner's board, it's durable enough to let you get comfortable with some intermediate skills too. This is probably the best beginner's board for women there is, with it's good control and a durability that allows you to grow into it. Plus the graphics are sweet but not too flashy.

- ang100304002:

This was a board that was recommended to me as a beginner. It was a great board to learn on, and I quickly progressed. I had only been boarding twice before getting the Solace, and by the end of my 4th day (2nd day total on this board) I was comfortable going down blues and linking turns. While I've definitely taken a few hard spills on this board - a board isn't going to make you a better rider instantly, but it certainly helps with progression - overall I feel like I have a lot of control in turning, stopping and maintaining my speed over flat spots. What's nice about this board is that it's more of an advanced beginner-intermediate board, so while it was easy to learn on, I know I can use it for a few more years. Awesome graphics is a plus! PS - Backcountry.com is great, so glad I bought it from them!!

- laura, beginner: 154 cm snowboard,

Great board for a beginner. I was struggling on hire boards, got recommended the solace and love it. I can control the board and starting to link turns. Good flex means it has forgiveness and it is really lightweight. Finding turning much easier now. And of course the board looks great. Unlike some beginner boards I will be able to progress on this. Definately recommend to any beginner.

- chopshop:

Just bought for my girlfriend and she loves it. Wanted a board that was beginner friendly (she has been 6 times) but she can still progress on and this hit the spot.

- steve0919:

Bought this board for the gf, she was able to quickly learn within 3/4 outings linking turns now. Very awesome.

- keltacer:

Bought this board for my girlfriend as her first board. She loves the board so far. It's allowed her to progress pretty quickly. Waxing the board, I've noticed that the board holds wax very well.

- diditrang:

I love this board. This board is the first and only board that I own. Although I do have the 2005 or 2006 edition, I still love it! It is fast, stylish, and can work with any snow conditions. I do however wish that it were a bit more flexible.

- Cascke:

Used this board since my first season ever, and still got it to this day, riding all mountain. It leaves little to no room for mistakes with turning, and in park such as landing. Even though you end up hitting several people, it does sometimes help you progress as a rider. Speed and steep doesn't really work well, but you still can. I reccomend buying if you can try it out first.

- marbella2g:

I love this board! This is my first board, as I am new to snowboarding. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend from Sierra. It is so pretty, I love showing it off! I can't compare it to any other board, since I have not riden any, but I really do love this board. I would only try a new one if it was reverse camber, to see what all the fuss is about.

- RoseBud:

The 2009 Ride Solace 142 was my first board and I love it! I think its a great board to learn on however as I progressed I found I didn't out grow it. It has a medium flex and is easy to handle, basically an awesome all mountain board. As an added bonus the graphics are sick, I love the natural wood thats incorporated in the designs. I also have a Sierra V-spot which I love as well but being a reverse camber it's definitely not the same kind of riding and I've since purchased a Nitro Fate which did little for me. . . All in all my Solace is the board I can grab with the confidence of a guaranteed good time on the mountain regardless of conditions!

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