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Ride Verona Reviews

- Kristen B: 34, 5' 11", 145 lb, 154 cm snowboard, 12 years riding.

This is the first women's board that I have owned and I must admit that I was hesitant to purchase a women's board. However, a female salesperson/rider convinced me. This board rules. It is incredibly responsive. I barely have to apply any pressure to the edge and it turns almost immediately. It is light weight but I have had no issues with instability at high speeds. Its responsiveness and light weight also make it perform excellent in the moguls. This board is directional but easy to ride fakie. My legs used to get tired after about 4-5 hours of riding, but on this board, I can ride almost all day without feeling as fatigued. It basically makes riding effortless and I have nothing negative to say about the board. I would recommend this board to any women riders who want a responsive, all mountain board.

- The_Guchi:

I got this board for my wife 2 years ago along with new bindings. thae sintered base is fast and holds wax well, and everything is holding up well after about 30 days on the snow. as far as performance goes it has stepped up her game 3 fold, her previous board was way to big and stiff for her and she could not progress on it at all after two days on this she was carving turns and doing little butters that she couldnt do on that old stiff deck.

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