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Rossignol Temptation

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Rossignol Temptation Reviews

- Rayna: 148 cm snowboard,

I'm a beginner snowboarder and was looking for something that had good flex, stability, and maneuverability. This board definitely has it and is very lightweight. I've been riding the heavy, stiff rental boards at the local ski resort, and improved tremendously riding the new board the first day I had it out. I LOVE this board and would definitely recommend it for newbies. I also read from another review that it transitions well for intermediate and advanced riders, which would be very nice.

I purchased this as a package, so it also came with bindings. The bindings are Rossi's as well (HCFifity). My only complaint with the bindings is that they are VERY difficult to release when fully tightened (bring a strong guy friend with you to get you off of your board - or don't completely tighten them...). I took a little 150 grit sandpaper to the straps to smooth down the ridges a tad and that seems to have helped.

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