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Roxy Ollie Pop

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Roxy Ollie Pop Reviews

- snoslider:

I got the ollie pop for my first park specefic board. That was a GREAT idea because my third day on it I pulled my first clean 360 over a jump and my first clean 360 in the pipe and never looked back.
I love this board. It is so lightweight with a great balanced centered stance and lots of pop.
As great as it is for park, it also rules all over the mountain. It turns well and makes for a lot of fun hitting little natural bumps and buttering.
It isn't the greatest choice for a powder day, but it'll still do you fine if you're surprised by a storm and it is your only set up. That aspect doesn't worry me though b/c it is to be expected when you're riding any short, center-stanced park board in powder.

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