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- Electra Bellizzi: 27, 5' 8", 130 lb, 154 cm snowboard, 3 years riding.

I love this snowboard. I rode a crappy Lamar Mission 154 (the toy snowboard as I call it) when I first learned and then quickly fell in love with an old Morrow Slick 151 a friend gave me. I was sworn to Morrow until I came upon this board. This is my first women's snowboard, and I will never go back. EVERY GIRL SHOULD BUY A GIRLS SNOWBOARD, and they should buy a Radiant. I attained a zen state while riding this board. I am by no means a beginner but this board made me feel like a pro and truely made me realize that edges are only for carving not catching. It is very light which gives me the feeling of more control. Even on an abnormally sticky wet day in Oregon this board performed top-notch. I had a hard time screwing up even when it got icy. The Radiant is so responsive that I instantly gained more courage to do crazy daring things normally only reserved for powder days, like jumping things. The Radiant is also fast enough to keep up with the speed demon boys I ride with, but doesn't lose the responsiveness necessary to ride in some pretty dense tree runs. This board is the shit and my only regret is that I couldn't get like a 158 for those deep powder days.

- Annie Tsai: 29, 5' 1", 120 lb, 144 cm snowboard, 2 years riding.

I still consider myself a beginner blue rider, so it's nice to have a board that allows me to take control of the mountain. The weight's ok for my size, I can carry it up two flights of stairs to my car at Northstar after a long day of boarding. The board carves pretty well. For spring boarding however, the slush is kind of hard to control yourself in, and in the icy stuff I wish it would hold a carve a little better. But then again, it may just be me?

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148cm SALOMON RADIANT 148 Women's Snowboard w/ SALOMON The Grace Bindings S/M $149.00
Salomon Radiant 149 cm Women's Snowboard w/ Burton Bindings $125.99