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Sims FS600W

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- T4: 35, 5' 11", 175 lb, 159 cm snowboard, 1 years riding.

I am new to boarding and have been told this board is for intermediate to advanced riders but I tried it and loved it and in one afternoon it improved my riding tenfold. I also tried a lot of other boards and different lengths and 159 is right for me for right now. I tried Burtons,and Oxygen, and a bad Killer Loop rental. I was riding a 5150 Future 1999 i think and it was a nice board, but not as nice as the Sims. This board will go where you want it to go, it carves well and is fast. It is made primarily for the park but I have no trouble just booting down the mountain with it. The only trouble i had with it was in some seriously deep powder but I think that was my limitation-not the board's. I got an amazing deal on the board too(half price) by buying later in the season(late Feb)The most important thing is to find a store where you can rent or demo the board first. Try before you buy. I am so glad I did. I almost bought a Burton Feelgood but when I tried it and was not impressed at all. I read a lot of reviews on this site before buying too-not too many on the FS600 but it is a GREAT board! Try it!!

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